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Photographers guide to the Scenic Rim (a work in progress)

The Scenic Rim is a local name for the area of South East Queensland, Australia which is nestled at the base of the Great Dividing Range and a range of mountains. There are numerous national parks and natural features with the the area. This guide looks particularly at the area around Boonah and south to the range.

If you are interested in birds and have a canoe or kayak then Wyaralong dam is a great option, it is a fairly new dam and still developing its populations of birds but the underlying topography has developed a long narrow dam with lots of side branches. As an added bonus there are no powered boats allowed (electric motors are ok). The best launch is the one on Knehrs road which gives access to the upper reaches of the dam. Expect to see Darters, Cormorants, Pelicans, Sea eagles, Stilts and Kingfishers. With a bit of luck and patience you will see a wide range of bird life.

Many of the peaks offer great opportunities for capturing birds in flight. Mount Mitchell and Cordeaux have great look outs at the end of a track walk and Mount Greville has a spectacular spot at a shoulder of rock above Waterfall gorge.

Quick Tip – GO SLOW – if you can find a suitable spot for a hide then get comfortable and wait. My preferred approach if i I see some wildlife while walking is to stop, retreat a little and take a quick picture in case it disappears then plan my approach, I will get the appropriate lens on and check my settings before I start moving towards it. When you stop and observe you will see the animal change from normal behaviours, to awareness of you, to preparing to flee before finally taking off. The trick is to move slowly enough that the animal realises that you are not an immediate threat and allows you closer. When you start to see signs of preparing to flee stop and possibly retreat a little until the animal resumes normal behaviours again. This can be a lengthy process but the results are worth it.

Scenic views
– Sunrise and sunset options
The scenic rim abounds in great opportunities for great sunrise and sunset photos, many of the best places are tucked in close to the Main range. There are spectacular views from many of the peaks if you are up for a walk in the dark, if not there are plenty of other options you can drive up to or just a short walk.

Quick Tip – TURN AROUND! Often times at sunset and sunrise the temptation is to look towards the sun but you will miss the often spectacular colours in the opposite horizon. The soft pastel colours fade through a spectrum from orange to blue and often look best when you under expose a little from your camera’s meter

Map of the area (coming at some point in the future)

Guide to NPs – at some stage I plan to add my own summary of the photographic opportunities at the surrounding national parks but for now head to the official National Parks pages for information on walks and access.

Moogerah Peaks (Mts French, Greville, Edwards)
Mount Barney region
Main Range national park
Lamington national Park

For information on guided photographic tours in the scenic head head over to the Guided Photography Adventures page

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