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Category: Macro

Agapanthus flowers

Getting a little late in the season for the Agapanthus but the morning light still looked great on these. I also used a white reflector just to the right of frame to fill in the shadows and reduce the contrast. It’s an easy tool to use – on something small…

Grass Stalks

Just an everyday sight, these grass seeds are usually just seen as weeds but by taking a different perspective and shooting into the light they are transformed into something quite different and even beautiful. I came across this patch on an early morning walk, this is actually an overgrown pathway…

Succulant Flowers

Playing with macro lighting setups: this one used a black backdrop, an off camera flash through an umbrella and a torch providing some fill lighting. This flower is about 3cm long in real life and normally goes unnoticed because it is so small.

Tree roots

An up-close view of some intruiging coloured tree roots. I want to get back here in some more flattering light because I think there is potential here for an amazing photograph. I’d love to hear your thoughts…