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Well it has once again been quite sometime since I last posted an update for a whole bunch of reasons but mainly because I am never sure what to post. So I am going to try just doing a monthly entry with some photos and stories from the month. Hopefully this will help me keep some regular updates coming.

A Brown Honeyeater feeding her young.

One of the nice surprises of the Spring was a Brown Honeyeater pair setting up their nest about a meter from our bathroom window.

I don’t normally like getting so close to nests but I was able to setup my camera and tripod inside the house and get some closeup photos and video without disturbing the nest at all.

I have a bunch of photos and video of the progress which I plan to put up as a separate post sometime.

I also managed to get out in the kayak at Wyaralong dam a couple of times

In some of previous trips out there I had spied a secretive bird among the reeds but never managed to get a decent photo or identify it. I was rather pleased on one of trips to finally get up close to this Latham’s snipe – not uncommon but seldom seen due to its secretive nature.

A Latham’s Snipe – out in the open for once 🙂

This month the Scenic Rim Photowalks group I organise headed out for a day a Lamington National Park. Firstly heading down to see the ever popular Elebana Falls

Elebana Falls – Not a lot of water coming over the falls but pretty none the less.

We also caught the O’Reilly’s Birds of Prey show and managed to get some great photos of birds in flight.

Finally we headed out to the Python Rock lookout for what we hoped would be a fantastic sunset.

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