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The photos you cant see

I took a walk this morning, on a grey and showery morning, off to a nearby creek. For a couple of hours I wandered along its bank, watching and listening to the life all around me. Occasionally I took a photo but you can’t capture the whole scene around you. So I thought I would tell you about the photos that are in my head – the ones that didn’t or couldn’t get taken.


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You can’t see the Dollarbird as he lols around in the sky, taking insects on the wing and delivering them to his very well hidden nest high in the gum tree.






You can’t see the cautious progression the honeyeater makes as he flits from flower to flower sucking the nectar from the Calistemon growing on the banks of the creek







If only I could record the sound of the Golden Headed Cistacola for you as he perches precariously on the tops of the sapling and gives his warning call as I get closer.







A still camera will never catch the waves of the grass as the breeze washes gently over it.







I watched spiders carefully constructing their web and catching their prey and then as they methodically repaired the web.




SWP_0052 SWP_0054



I watched Damselflies silently flit up and down the creek. Sometimes alone, sometimes flying in joined pairs as the mated and flew at the same time.






The Red Backed fairy wren and his harem of females were too far away for me to get a good close up shot for you but I watched the way they move independently and yet as one as they search for their food.







And lastly you cant see how still this heron was standing. For half and hour I watched him silently and in utter stillness watching me from a tree across the creek.




I have all these photos and memories in my head and I wish I could capture them but you can go and get your own photos – even without a camera! Just go somewhere and watch, be quiet, be patient. Tarry a while and you will see and hear the world around you come to life.


I’d love to hear any comments you might have…

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  1. Jill

    Perfect peace and solitude and yet abundant life everywhere. Scott you inspire me to stop and be still far more often than I do x

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