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Humans of Brisbane – from the hip

I had a few hours to kill while in Brisbane CBD yesterday and I thought I would have a play with some different techniques – These photos here are all very candid shots, literally shot from the hip with the camera by my side. Taking aim is a little tricky and sometimes the movement is distracting and the focus way off but taken as a whole I quite like these. Would love to hear any thoughts or feedback you have, especially any tips for this kind of photography.

Click on any image to see a larger image and leave a comment on your favourite 🙂  (You can scroll left and right to see other images in large format)

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  1. Cardinal Guzman

    With a higher ISO you can use fast shutter speed and avoid blur. I checked the exif on two of your shots, the blurry on was ISO 400 and the one in focus was at ISO 800. So, my tip would be to use ISO 800 (or even 1600 if it’s a cloudy day).
    When I shoot street photos I normally use continuous focusing (AF-C) AI servo is the Canon term for it, or I set the focus manually at some random point a few meters away from me.
    Shooting from the hip has a huge element of spray and pray in it, but it can be fun and you can end up with some cool and unexpected results.
    The last time I used this technique was on a bicycle after a few beers. Almost some kind of extreme sports for photographers!

  2. Malt Padaderson

    I like this style of Photography Scott, I will have to try it out. I do try and take a few people in my images to get some interest and scale but I am a bit self-conscious of people taking offence at my potential intrusion. I have had a few people coming up to me after the shot (especially while wearing my work suit and work ID badge), and asking questions about what I was doing. I take pics during my lunch-break in the Melb CBD on nice sunny days.

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