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A country drive

I took myself off on a country drive last week – scouting out new photo locations. Here is the map of the drive (minus the side trips exploring country roads)

Killarney route map

First stop was the Minto crag area – a well known volcanic ring dyke right in Boonah’s backyard. It’s difficult to grasp it from the ground but a quick look on Google Earth will show you the obvious ring formation.

This photo was taken from the eastern side at sunrise. It’s a 6 image panorama.

Killarney drive 2015-8

From a little further down the road, I would have loved to get closer to the water but I don’t know the landowner.

Killarney drive 2015-7

While I was out taking photos I also had my Sony action camera taking a timelapse sequence – 1 photo every 5 seconds over and hour or so.

Here’s the very basic setup I am using:

Killarney drive 2015-6






Killarney drive 2015-5Then I continued up the range, stopping to have a quick look at Teviot falls which was running really nicely after the recent rains.




TKillarney drive 2015-4hen up towards the Condamine valley, up through Spring creek and a quick pause at Dagg’s falls.



Killarney drive 2015-3

As far as I know there isn’t a way down there but this view is about 5meters from the carpark.







Then it was on to Browns Falls which I hadn’t ever been to before. They are about a 20 minute walk up a lovely creek and well worth the effort when the creek is flowing nicely

Killarney drive 2015-2 Killarney drive 2015



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