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Darling Downs Zoo

Who knew there was such a cool zoo so close to us???


Well, I did  but I had never been to the Darling Downs Zoo before. I needed to find a reason to get the kids out of the house during the school holidays and a trip to the zoo sounded like fun.

The Darling Downs zoo is a small but well run zoo located between Warwick and Toowoomba – as we expected being the school holidays there were lots of young families there but there was plenty of space and we didn’t feel crowded.

One of the things I really liked was how close you actually get to the animals. Other zoos have an open plan which removes the fence but puts you a long way from the animals. There were plenty of opportunity to get close and, with some creative posturing, to get some great photos. The kids really enjoyed the day including holding a baby crocodile and a boa constrictor. The big cat feeding time was also a big hit._MG_6858

The rates are very reasonable ($68 for me and the 2 kids) and there is a picnic area to enjoy your lunch – it’s a great day out and I know I am keen to head back sometime soon (I just wish they opened at times when the light was better)

For more info on the Darling Downs Zoo check out their website at

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A photo tip – Some of these photos are actually taken through the fence and through glass. For example the monkey shots are all shot through glass and the alligator is on the other side of a wire fence.

Tip #1 – To hide the fence try to get yourself as close to the fence and the animal a fair way from the fence and use a manual focus and a shallow depth of field. It helps if the fence is dark coloured and/or in the shade

Tip #2 – For shooting through glass the reflections can often be really problematic. A couple of tips are to use a polariser which when rotated correctly can often reduce a significant amount of the glare, and secondly, if you can, try putting your camera directly on the glass – this will completely get rid of the reflections and also help blurring out anything that is on the glass.

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