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Red Bellied Black snake adventures

I got a message today from a friend who is a snake catcher asking if I wanted to photograph a Red Bellied Black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus). They are such a beautiful snake and I had been wanted to get some photos for a while so I said ‘Absolutely!’

They are one of the more venomous of Australia’s snakes but generally are very placid and laid back.

The snake was inside a car – his own as it turned out. His wife had been loading some gear into the back when she spotted it and left the van parked where it was.

Stage 1 was trying to find him in the back of the van:

Once he was safely out of the van it was on to the grass for a photo shoot

Red Belly-12


He was mostly really easy to work with but got a little feisty sometimes

Red Belly-7 Red Belly-6


We spent around 45min taking photos and these are some of my favourites.

(Click on the slideshow for a full screen view)

If you’d like to read more check out the Queensland Museum link


  1. Malt Padaderson

    Nice pics Scott. I have seen a few lizards and monitors when I have been out and about but very few snakes…I am still not walking quietly enough….it is funny that when you have a camera in your hand you become fearless….at any other time a snake on your path is a heart stopper….

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