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Australasian Darters Part 4

These latest photos are from about a week ago. The babies are all swimming now and developing their flight feathers. They are pretty independent and are getting trickier to find as they are no longer in the nest a lot of the time.   This is the most mature “Barry”, you can see his developing flight feathers. He is pretty calm and usually lets me get up quite close – in this case close enough to get some video footage. This video was taken on my Sony Xperia Z1

  IMG_4956-2 IMG_4959 IMG_4976 IMG_4994 IMG_5000 And one of his young siblings who is a little behind developmentally and still stays close to the nest: IMG_5056 This may be the last installment, with work and recent flooding rains I have not been able to get out for a while but I am hoping the creeks will go down enough tonight to get out there tomorrow.


  1. Malt Padaderson

    amazing shots Scott, what is your camera setup? Is it the kayak that allows you to get so close? they don’t seem to worry too much about the kayak? My local darters are very flighty, even the fledglings…I may have to consider a kayak as part of my setup…(wife will not be happy…)

    • scottwarnerphotography

      Thanks Malt, the kayak helps in this situation as the nesting site is in the middle of a dam. It takes a lot of patience and slow approaches. I often anchor carefully upwind and drift closer and use a hand paddle to position myself. So of these shots have taken an hour or so to get into position. For this project I was out there a couple of times a week and leant to read the birds behaviour. I have a 5m touring kayak, using a canon 50d, 70-200 2.8 with a 1.4x teleconverter. I often use a monopod in the kayak to help stabilise the camera.

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