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Moreton Island part 3

A few more images and some background information for anyone interested

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Part 1 is here:

Part 2 is here:

Crepuscular rays about 20 minutes after sunset

This recent series of photo were all taken on a 6 day solo trip to Moreton Island, just off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland. I based myself on the northern side of the island and was hoping to get some photos of birds and some good coastal scenery.

Moreton is a sand island and there are no formed road on the island  only sandy 4WD tracks. I don’t have a 4WD so I needed a way of getting around. I read a couple of stories of people using mountain bikes and I thought that would be a good way to travel.

I did however need a solution to carrying my camping and camera gear so I decided to make a trailer – after a bit of research I decided on a single wheel design styled on the Bob Yak trailer. It took about a few weeks to get it built and tested but I was really happy with how it handled.

Homeward bound on the barge
The fully loaded bike and trailer
The fully loaded bike and trailer

Getting there and back on the Micat ferry was pretty simple and it is only a short ride from Wynumn if you needed to catch public transport. The ferry takes about 90 mins and there was a small additional charge for the bike and trailer. Unfortunately the barge landed at high tide which is impossible to ride a loaded bike and trailer through the soft sand so I pulled up under a shady tree until the tide was low enough to ride.  For more info on the ferry see 

The camping facilities on the island were fantastic and well maintained. I chose to camp most of the time on the more remote beach sites instead of the campgrounds but they were great to have a place to fill up water and even have a (cold) shower. The beach campsite at Yellow Patch where I stayed for 3 of the 6 nights were surprisingly grassy and open.  A lot has changed in the 10+ years since I was last there.  Booking the campsites was easy on the National Parks site but I had issues when I needed to change my final night’s campsite over the phone.  Bookings for all Queensland Parks be done at

On of the bits of gear I was really looking forward to using was a Goal Zero Guide 10 kit – It’s a solar charger which also charges AA batteries, has a USB and 12V outlets . I got a USB charger for my camera. I tried attaching it to my pack while walking and got a bit of charging done but when it was well placed it charged by camera batteries at a similar rate to the USB outlet from my computer but not as quickly as a 240V wall charger. It also allowed me to keep my phone fully charged which meant I could use it for GPS and mapping instead of just keeping it for emergency calls. I could also charge it from the AA batteries at night time but I couldn’t get enough charge to charge the camera batteries from the battery pack. It is very light and packable but I was careful to pack it on top as I wasn’t sure how tough the panels are. Overall I was really happy with it and look forward to using it on future trips. They have a wide range of charging solutions check them out at


My Goal Zero charging setup


Stay tuned for a final installment from Moreton and then a few from a a trip to Girraween NP that I did the following week.

And a few more photos from around Cape Moreton before I wrap up this post. Enjoy…

Honeymoon Bay from near the lighthouse
Southern end of Honeymoon Bay below the lighthouse
Stars above the city lights




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